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Good Property Management

Country United States
State Washington
City Silverdale
Address 3100 NW Bucklin Hill Rd #107
Phone 360-698-2464

Good Property Management Reviews

  • Mar 17, 2017

I rented a house from Good Property Management in July of 2016. It is an old house, likely built in the 50's. I noticed when I first moved in that the kitchen faucet had low water pressure, but I liked the house and the location was good so I rented it despite the fact it had many problems with it associated with old age.

As months passed the water pressure dropped so low to the point where it barely trickled out of the faucet. After multiple requests for maintenance and many unanswered emails, a handyman was finally sent to look at the faucet after a different incident occurred in which multiple light fixtures in my house stopped working.

A handyman arrived to look at the faucet, and after some time we both agreed that the faucet would need to be replaced. He then placed a phone to Lauren at Good Property management, after which he told me that Lauren Remick had told him that since the faucet worked at the time of move-in that it would not the property management's responsibility to replace it.

At which point he suggested that I call good property management to speak with Lauren Remick directly.

I placed a phone call to Lauren Remick, Maintenance Coordinator at Good Property Management, immediately after I was informed by maintenance personnel that she had confirmed that the costs of replacing the faucet would not be covered by Good Property Management.

Lauren informed me during the phone call that she did not make any notes on the companies move-out form regarding the functional performance of the faucet or regarding the water pressure.

I believe that Good Property Management and its Employees are trying to force me to pay for the replacement items and costs replacements of real property fixtures for which were already in need of desperate repair.

I also think it should be noted that the homeowners which place their properties in the trust of Good Property Management should be aware that they are discouraging the tenants of their properties to report necessary repair for fear of retribution.

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