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Country United States
State Alabama
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  • Feb 17, 2017

I tried out the portforward software in hopes it would solve the xbox gaming problems I was having. Their software package wasn't even compatible with my Apple wireless router. Apple products have a huge share of the market but isn't included in their "hundred's" of supported routers? That's ridiculous and, at a minimum, should be included in a disclaimer before the product is purchased.

They claim to offer excellent support but my texts to the company went unanswered, perhaps because I refused to "tip" the support person in advance. Yes, no kidding, after charging you 40$ for the software, they want you to pay the online support staff if you want help.

A more troubling issue, much of this software deals with router issues and the setup protocols query the user for all passwords, names, etc. All lines of evidence support the conclusion that its really just a front for some sort of organized hacking enterprise. It asks for virtually all of your security information but there doesn't seem to be any real company behind this product.

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