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PR Kick

Country United States
State Nevada
City Las Vegas
Address 1605 Lake Las Vegas Pkwy Suite#100
Phone 1-800-207-0978

PR Kick Reviews

  • Apr 20, 2017

Do not trust this company in no way shape or form. Save your $750. You're better off spending it on the smaller companies that do twice as much for half that price.

John Harmon, a pr manager, out on a prowl, gets a hold of me via email, telling me, my Kickstarter project was unique and chosen to where I can by-pass the initial qualifying stage.

I was kind of impress because when he got a hold of me, I could tell they took the time to go over my campaign by telling me things in particular.

I proceeded to call John, at which he explained to me that I was well within range, over 34 days left on my campagin, to easily raise money, and that their company can guarantee me, if not all, at least half my budget from a substantial amount of backers, which should generate from all the press.

Of course, I didn't believe it at all. But I somehow wanted to prove to myself, that they were a scam like everyone else, and clear my head of any doubt, since I'm always a cheap goat when it comes to paying these companies, knowing you can't trust any of them.

I paid them $750. Red flags went up right away, when I didn't hear from them until a week later. Which was an email, telling me, their working on a press package. 2 weeks later, another email, same thing. Finally 2 1/2 weeks later, I receive 3 pitches for my press. By the way, that is the only exciting thing I got. I actually like my pitches. No where worth $750 though.

Keep in mind, my days are dwindling down on my campagin, 2 weeks left, still no press. Finally I get another email, telling me, my project is up and running on the press circuit. So they send me an email with links to where you can see my press. First off, it was too long, and horrible written. Nothing like my pitches.

So all this time, my press is, supposedly, getting these so-called reviews, at the same time, my campaign vide, which is my main selling focal, has not received 1 video view.

Of course, I tried getting a hold of John, whom didn't respond. Although, before I paid any money, he called every day.

Yes, I know all projects are not quaranteed to make it. That's not the point here. I explained my situation, and was quaranteed at least several backers based on my project alone.

I've scratched this off my list, never again, and have moved on, settling my doubts.

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