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Skinny Me Chocolate

Country United States
State Alabama
Phone 1.855.354.6917

Skinny Me Chocolate Reviews

  • Jun 26, 2017

Skinnyme Chocolate

  • Apr 27, 2017

I ordered what was advertised as a free "sample" box of skinny me chocolates for the shipping cost of $4.95 on 4/4/17. I received the small box of chocolates about a week later and they were pretty good. When i checked my visa charge account statement i noticed another charge of $34.95 on 4/15/17 for the same box of chocolate and a notice that said it was a "continuation" order. I assumed that meant i would be getting more chocolates, which i did not ask for. When i realized that this might be some kind of marketing ploy, i called the company to have them rescind the $34.95 charge. They refused stating that the ad stated that i could return the box i received within 7 days and there would be no charge. I explained that the ad i saw did not say anything about a charge of $34.95, but they refused to remove the charge. That "sample" box was very small and contained about 10 chocolate bars. Certainly not worth $40.00. I called my visa credit card and explained it to them. They removed the $34.95 charge. Skinny me chocolate better not charge me again or i will call the authorities and report this marketing scam.

  • Apr 20, 2017

FALSE ADVERTISING! This company has a ton of Facebook ads. You believe you are trying a box of chocolates for $4.95 shipping and handling ONLY. Their website has you go through 3 pages of info all teasing you to get their FREE TRIAL for only shipping for $4.95. You believe they are giving you a nice taste test. NOT!

I ordered it, thinking it was truely FREE... I know, stupid me! It turns out that there is small print, after you have gone through 4 pages of website when you go to pay, on the bottom right of the page that then says it is only for 7 days and that you will then be charged $34.95. That is SUPER EXPENSIVE for a box of chocolates! Granted it tastes good, but you PAY BIG also.

I emailed the company when I was surprised to get charged. They told me I had to call. Not only that, but I told them how much I had promoted them on my Facebook and personally emailed a ton of friends. No "thank-you" not an ounce of gratefulness. They just ignored my communication.

I got another charge, just 3 weeks later for $39.95. I didn't order this and had clearly stated I wanted to cancel. So I had to call. I got one very rude woman, granted I was pissed off when I called, but was not mean to her. I was very upset for being charged again and for how deceptive this whole SCAM is. They didn't even so much as acknowledge my communication AT ALL.

I ended up speaking to 3 people! You know what Natasha, the supervisor of this fulfillment company said to me, "It's your job as the consumer to read all print". Ah, yeah... that is their level of deling with things. Blame the consumer, after me walking her through the process of being sold and how one doesn't really know they are going to be charged and the trick of deceiving you so many times before you buy and it is not easy to "get it". Finally supposedly am getting refunded. But I have to pay to send back the original box now. To get refuned what I didn't even know I was being charged.

BEWARE: You will be charged when you think you are getting a "free box of chocolate". It is VERY DECEPTIVE ADVERTISING. If you return the product, they not only charge you the $4.95 for initial shipping, but you have to pay to send it back yourself.

Sad because the product tasted good. But their unethical way of getting it sold is just plain wrong. Should their product be good enough to play it stragiht?!

One more thing, I asked where I could write to the owners. I was told they have no address because they only email or skype the company. So I can't even really write to let them know the problems with their company. More decption to remain hidden, it seems to me.

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