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This worthless piece of lowlife trash loves INCEST! Just like her trashy daddy. Look at that face! It’s no surprise she can’t lead a normal life and leave her male family members alone. Instead, she leaves those family members and their own family in disgust. This trash will go to any lengths to entice someone to pretend to love her. Even if that means expressing her “love” to her own first cousins. LmaoI mean, who tells their own cousins “I LOVE you” and proceeds to grab at their junk?! Alyx, that’s who.How many people on this earth and Alyx specifically chooses first cousins for oral sex, intercourse and whatever else makes her warm and fuzzy inside. Lol And yes, that’s plural cousinS! Pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe what this trash will forever be known as, just like her daddy. She even enjoyed personally watching her daddy in full INCEST action in his own home videos she chose to putt off to while home. **BARF**Alyx enjoys any type of sex she can get, but you’ve gotta be family. So if this ugly mug somehow is appealing to you, get a DNA test first because unless you’re a close match, you’re likely not going to be a good fit for this ugly mug. Oh! And you must also be alright with her incest child hence the last name “Smith” with no daddy even in the picture. Lmfao Nice try, ugly mug.She also loves to publically beg for monetary assistance due to the fact that, again just like daddy, she can’t seem to find financial stability of any sort, kid involved or not. This incest lover has always been a low life and will continue to be just that until she relieves this earth from her pitiful existence, again, just like trashy daddy. Just look at that ugly mug in that picture! LmaoIf you’re so inclined, please feel free to hit her up and tell her that the world knows what an INCEST-LOVING PITIFUL PIG she is! Hahahttps://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000578409846

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