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DO NOT DONATE A PENNY TO THIS PSYCHO! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bad-Moms-Suck/106371526113502 Barbara HelpingVictims is Barbara Camwell Ness A woman who is very much married! To Andrew Ness.She has contacted women’s husbands! And boyfriends.She is a stalker/psychopath who is on mental disability and has been in therapy over 16 years! She is a scam/con artist. A FRAUD/PHONY! She put Jeffrey Dunetz up on filthyliar.com because he would not have sex with her.GOOGLE HER NAME! Everyone who knows this woman is aware of who and what she is. She is warning people to stay away from sites like this because she is exposed on them all for what she is doing.SCAMMING/CONNING women and men out of money.Ness has been harassing and stalking victims of hers for years. She does not leave them alone for a second. She needs to be stopped.STAY AWAY FROM THIS PSYCHO!She has been is psychotherapy for over 16 years. Her own mother know she was psycotic. This is her payback to her.Do not give her your names. Thats what so scarry about FB. People use their real names and then Barbara Camwell Ness has it!!!!BEWARE!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS PSYCHO! SHE HAS SITES ALL OVER THE WEB!one2one4victims Barbara Vicim Barbara Victims Barbara Victim survivor Sociopaths Suck Momsthatsuck these are some of the FB pages. Her other pages cyberpaths.blogspot.com, abuse sanctuary, trolls and flame wars, she has hundreds

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