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This man is a cheater- if your looking for a good time he knows all the tricks and games. But he will lie and tell you everything you want to hear in order to meet his objectives. Not always sex- he currently has a car I bought him and his phone is in my name.He will use you and what’s worse play the mind games to make you feel like you are at fault for your relationship going bad if that doesn’t work his will will cry and beg and then go the complete opposite way. He is a master manipulator do not fall into his traps ladies.His birthday is 7-6-1971 he is from Moracco and plays the exotic European card a lot- he speaks several languages to further impress. He loves designer clothes and watches etc but most have been bought with money from women he has been with. He is doing that less but he won’t turn it down if your the generous type! He acts like he has money but he doesn’t. Nor does he have good credit and he is not a business major. He also boasts owning a limo business. He has a black Lincoln only and it’s not even in his name. Just one big liar!!! Do not fall for it. Also be warned he prefers anal sex and finds the v***** disturbing. Even though in the begining he will act differently.

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