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As a woman I have tried to let something’s go in life but this thing well its not that easy so I’m going to expose her so other women see her coming before its too late I had a gut feeling something wasn’t right but I didn’t want to accept it again in life. You can be faithful to someone all you want in life but that don’t mean they will treat you the same. Oh and yes she was married also, so two home were turned upside down. She claimed her husband beats her and he cheats on her all the time BLAH, BLAH, BLAH… Whatever if that was true file for a divorce call the cops for the abuse don’t go and brake a family apart putting them through so much hurt when you claim that it hurts so much. Hello you stupid CUNT what the hell was you doing to my home. You were tearing it apart with hurt! It all started in a bar, she was with her husband and he asked mine to sit down he even bought him a drink. Talked like they were friends but oh yeah then the whore comes out in you, so now its time you really think about what you do before cheat. || The phone was in my name. His phone went off while he was in the shower and the photos started coming in with a Kiss/Kiss message attached. He knew the moment he saw the phone in my hands he was busted. Even though all other messages had been deleted from them. After our huge blow out and he left the house I logged on to my phone carrier account and hundreds of messages had transpired between them. I blocked her number so that would end why should I have to pay the bill for a cheating man right. Then I decided the best thing to do was just have his phone cut off. He was back home pretty quick after that wonder why LOL. He couldn’t reach her. So they then turned to a social media page sending PM’s to each other but only if he had Wi-Fi. He still denies he ever had sex with her. But let me add this, her husband tracked me down she decided to file for divorce. But one problem she was pregnant and wanted an abortion and had to have his signature because he requested to know if he was the father or not. Hmm… Because he was going after her for adultery! I don’t know how their story wound up except she had the abortion. And honestly I don’t care. Now for this I will probably be condemned but my fiancé we are working things out and it hasn’t been easy but I am trying and he gets one chance. If he blows it I will be done no matter how much begging for forgiveness he does. Life is not always easy but sometimes you can try to work things out. And so far he hasn’t faltered once. we moved because the drama was more than I could handle, It was beginning to impact my children. And we are far better off for it. So ladies beware of this one, she’s one who is full of surprises. You have been warned.

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