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POF justbrock user and family wreaker BROCK STANFIELD of eagleby QLDThis man is a predator of women who are suffering depressionHe uses a POF profile justbrockAnd alsoSnapchat squirrelsgotnuts Instagram squirrelsgotnuts I worked nights and my partner of 20yrs worked days i didnt notice her depression and how bad it was she joined numerous chat sites one of them POF where he found herWithin 3 weeks he had convinced her to meetThen convinced her to pay for 2 motels and had sex with her 3 timeAfter 4 mths he tossed her aside refused to answer her calls or messagesHer depression got worse and he didnt give a . .I habe been taking care of her sinceHe tells women what they want to hearHe doesnt deserve youHe doesn’t know what he is loosingI understand how you willYou dont deserve thisIts ok to sleep with me he wont knowThis man is a fake and an opportunistHe lies and persuades womenI have found several exs who believe he is a nasty man BROCK STANFIELDAKASQUIRRELSGOTNUTSJUSTBROCK

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