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Avoid Chris Derham (and his many alias names, see other posts) and Neil Barker – Lupa Capital, both have scammed me on property deals. They know each other, birds of a feather flock together. They also use similar techniques. If you want to hold onto your money, avoid these conmen like you would a bad disease. To all those others who have posted, I for one appreciate the information. You have been warned, if your search this site for Barker or Derham, you will see they have upsaet a lot of people by robbing them as I was. I only hope the police get enough on them to put them behind bars. I have passed my information annonomously onto the Police Economic Crime Unit, National Fraud Forum, HMRC and Customs and Excise. If you have information that can bring justice to these fraudsters, suggest you do the same so it will not be too long before these scamsters finally pay some justice back to all they have robbed.

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