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This Man has been scamming women for yearshttp://www.womansavers.com/p_guyDetails.asp?id=12634Unfortunately he has scammed so many before sites like this were made possible.http://www.filthyliar.com/dev/viewPhoto.php?fileID=50800738http://www.topix.com/forum/city/cherokee-village-ar/TETHMIGANSLP8HQNM/p2He is very good at what he does. He acts shy and trust worthy but he is far from both.He will have you move in with him as soon as possible and uses his 12 yr son as bait to make you feel sorry for them and want to help.He never has any money but tells you that he is going to make his home into a trading postas he lives on a refuge or what he calls one… It’s what he calls the end of the trail refuge in Hardy Ar.He has two Bears that he keeps in cages that are way to small for them and feeds them poorlyHe calls himself a Indian and uses his spiritual beliefs as a way to own the bears for religious rights So that he can keep the bears in captivity and use them for religious ceremonies.. without having to pay for permits or follow the strict guidelines that animals this size should be given. They are treated poorly and there is nothing holy about this Man. http://www.care2.com/c2c/share/detail/742748. He is even registered as a fraud.http://aihsc.info/ARMO_fraud.htm He cons both Men and women into believing his pipe dream of making his shack into a trading post and all he needs to do is build another home beside the shack he calls home.How does he plan on building that new home? He finds women who are trusting and believe in his liesOne woman bought the lumber for a new home and as soon as she did he ran her off.She had to take him to court to get her lumber back.He has a large file of complaints listed at the Ash flat Sheriffs office in Sharp county Arkansas.His son and he work as a team to steal anything of value and scam women for anything they can get.It’s bad enough he is a con artist but he is raising his son to be the same way.His MO is to have a woman move in with him and as soon as they bring their valuables into the home, things start missing. Little things that all add up.. usually jewelry and anything he might be able to pawn.http://www.myspace.com/wrbh33This guy needs to be reported to as many sites as possible to keep him from continuing to scam others

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