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Dennis Witenbarger is an abusive and manipulative sociopath. Don’t believe a word he says. He might seem nice and caring because he is a good liar. Truth is, he’s heartless, cold, and won’t think twice about stabbing you in the back.He is a cheater who has zero respect for women, and uses them for his own selfish needs and ego boost. He’s a sweet talker who will try to make you feel special so you keep coming back. He won’t just f*** and leave—he’s the kinda guy to tell you he wants a relationship, to be with you forever, have kids together, etc. He says the same s*** to every girl he talks to. I’ve talked to another girl involved with him & he said the exact same things to her.Don’t have sex with this guy—he’ll f*** anything that moves that is female & has STD’s that he has spread around with no remorse. Even if you’re not involved with him sexually or romantically, do not trust him. He enjoys toying with peoples’ emotions to see how much he can get away with. He’s extremely selfish & cheats people; he’s stolen the money out of someone’s wallet, sold an iPhone that has problems with it, shoplifts all the time, & got out of being arrested for drug possession by sweet-talking the cops. He never gets caught for the things that he does, so please don’t pity him or try to help him. Don’t give him any chances, because he won’t appreciate it or have any respect for you.

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