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Farai Tserayi AKA Franco. This idiot came from the UK, lived at 5770 W. Arbor hills way. the Colony 75056. He may be living in Legendary Hills, Indiana, with an American wife for a green card. He will run to your house while this woman is at work, pretends to be your boyfriend then runs home before she gets home. The idiot is unemployed because he doesnt have a green card but, he drives a little red mecerdes benz and would con you for gas money, money to high clean that toy and still tells you that he is too big to go find a job at McDonalds. This is why i concluded the lack of green card, and i think the FBI should catch and deport such scums of the earth. I am suing him for my $345 + $90 that he borrowed with written down dates to return. After the original date he promised to give it back on Monday after Christmas, nothing. He was sure i would come to the christmas party in his town and incapacitate me somehow and the story would have ended there. I say this because he never gave an excuse or explanation why he had picked Monday and why he failed to repay on Monday. Come Newyears, he promised again to pay me on Monday after newyrs. Now i am very well known for parties and its a surprise to those who know me as to why i missed those two major parties. I was working both holidays but to tell you the truth, i wasn’t gonna show up because i am 100% convinced that this idiot can end my life over $395. Farai Tserayi, Farai Tserayi, Farai Tserayi, Farai Tserayi, Farai Tserayi.

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