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I married Fred Yates on October 13th, 2013. Neither of us had been married before. I was 39 and Fred was 40, we had waited a long time to find the person we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with. I never would have imagined that just over a year after our wedding day I’d be sitting here alone and writing this, exposing him and his homewreckers. || 5 months after we were married, I found out about his first affair. Gabrielle Finely was the first of two coworkers my husband had affairs with just months after we were married. I asked to borrow his phone after leaving mine at work. Before I could make a call, a text comes through from a girl named Gabbi which read,”I’m trying to stay as pretty as I can for you, but I’m about ready to take off my makeup and go to bed. Are you still coming over, or did the wife call you home?”… || I was completely shocked. I could not believe what I was reading. I sent her a reply which read,”This is Sara, Freds wife. You can take off your makeup, he’s not coming over.”  I quickly wrote down her number and then confronted Fred,”Who is Gabbi and why does she want to be pretty for you?” He said,”Shes just a friend from work.” (Fred was hired as the chef for an assisted living facility just before we were married.) I showed him the text she had sent. He SWORE there was nothing going on between them and he was not having an affair with her, that he would NEVER cheat on me, EVER. || He tried to make me feel guilty for even suggesting he would cheat on me.”We’re newlyweds. I love you so much, you’re my wife and I vowed to be faithful to you.” I wanted so bad to believe him. I had to be sure, so when I got to work the next day I text Gabbi. She said she knew Fred was married and didn’t want a relationship with him, she just wanted sex. She said Fred told her that I was incapable of having sex anymore because I had a heart condition and I was fine with him sleeping around. ALL LIES. After telling Fred I had been in contact with Gabbi, he finally confessed to the affair. || I moved out and filed for divorce. My anger subsided after a few weeks and I decided to try and save our marriage. We tried to reconcile, but Fred seemed distant and distracted. I would soon learn he had been having another affair with a different coworker, Jackie Burnett Alexander. She was (and still is) married herself. She’s 10 years older than Fred and left her husband of 8 years to move in with my husband while we were separated. He moved her into the house we used to share together 2 months before our dissolution trial. I wrote Jackie a letter explaining that I wanted to save my marriage and she should try to do the same. I never got a response. || Our divorce was final on August 22nd, 2014.  I’m still in shock from it all. I feel ashamed, alone and betrayed. I feel as though everything is slipping away from me, but I’m hanging on as hard as I can. I’m waiting and hoping that somehow a miracle will happen and the man I loved and committed myself to will call me and ask me to come home….

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