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He is German or Russian- creates an illusion that he is an influential, powerful, rich individual with many high-ranking contacts, frequently referring to them when contacting his marks – creates a situation of emergency, when he was robbed or scammed in a foreign country (preferably Poland) – asks to send money to him to pay for food, hotel, or collateral he needs to pay in order to get released (car rented, passport taken, etc.) – receives money via Western Union from all those contacts, sometimes using nationals of the country where he is currently in (so that wire transfers are not actually in his name) – maintains contact with his victims (marks) until he is sure i) there is no danger and ii) there is no potential to extract more money from the mark – usually disappears, or, better, arranges a conflict with his mark, in order for the mark to feel guilty He is in Athens, Greece now… be careful…

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