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Notice filed upon Liberty County Clerk of Courts Final Notice to Cease and Desist on Trademark Infringement RightsDear Ms Belen Latag Owner / Broker Great American Realty as state above this notice has been filed with the Clerk of Courts in Liberty County Georgia as I copy you and your firm in this filed notice request before our action is file with out future notice or my firm will seek legal and civil relief for damages on your Firm and your E&O policy if necessary. Your firm has and is currently is using the Trademark properties of ( The Risden Team – Florida Five Star Realty- www.SoFloridaHomes.Com _ [email protected] phone numbers [email protected] in your marketing and association threw Linda K. Risden currently listed as an Broker Agent and has breached our trademark rights along with 4 of the companies phone numbers and self give references from our company that were not authorized Linda K. Risden was fired and dismissed by the founder and owner of the the company for her embezzlement of two different association and co-mingling company fund and accounts along with IRS fraud and credit card fraud and forging and changing company documents and check kitting to her personal account.Linda K. Risden had agreed to repay those embezzled funds just days before her daughter was arrest for Felony Grand Thief. Days later Ms Risden fled south Florida and has never returned but since her daughter / Bridget Lynn Massey plead guilty to the embezzlement and was stripped of all her professional licenses for life, Ms Risden fled to be unavailable for service by the home owners association or Broward Sheriffs Department.On or about May of 2019 advertisements and marketing has popped up by the use of Linda K. Risden and her affiliation to Great American Realtors in Hinesville Ga.31313 in which violates the companies rights and all copy rights since 1995..I hope this letter will help you as a Brokerage Firm under stand the importance of maintaining you companies Brand and right to your company image. Linda k Risden decimated a company with many many years of excellent service with out one complaint until her fraud was uncovered and has shamed our Brand and company name and she will bring the same to your company, clients and reputation. When Linda K. Risden get a hold your client list, soft ware and company documents both you and your client are at risk.Linda K Risden is Now posting over 300 listings claiming to be the Listing Broker a total Fraud and in voilation for the florida MLS and Florida Real Estate Commission, She has been order in the past to Cease the fraud claims in her action of defrauding buyers and refering them to South Florida Agent causing un needed referal fees to the buyers closing cost : Its Called Fraud

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