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This woman claims to have been seeing my Man for years behind my back. She claims he told her we were roommates and that he stayed cause my Daughter and I were sick. After I found out about her I confronted her and told her the truth. She claims to have confronted him and he claims he chose to leave her yet she still keeps coming after him showing up at his job. They were seeing each other again behind my back. || When I caught him at her house I called her and told her I knew he was there. Called him too but he chose not to answer his phone and I told him to leave and not come back. I sat in my driveway for a while crying and upset and he came strolling in. I told him to leave and he continued to ask me to go to bed with him! I refused! || The next morning I got into his voice mail only to hear yet another woman ask him ” please don’t hurt me”over and over again. I called her and spoke with her and found out he was lying to her too. When I confronted him he started to run grabbing his shit and putting it in his car. He never came to get all his stuff like I asked him to do many times, including my friends telling him to do so. This woman left him come stay with her. Her and her friends continue to hurt me and my daughter over and over posting pics of them together on Facebook. || I ran across this site and I decided that since they want to hurt my daughter and me so much, well then let me give them all they are looking for to be famous on homewreckers. Let me post their faces that they smile so proudly in, while rubbing the salt in my wounds. See how happy they like me posting the pics they share with me that my daughter can see on her page as well. You want to say I am crazy then we will see crazy. Let’s see if you have the nerve to keep posting on your Facebook pages and mine how happy you are after I made sure to prove a point he is never going to stay faithful to you either. A Hot meal and a bed is all you will ever be. Hope you all like your hall of shame.  How does it feel?

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