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Hi my name is Jeannie Ashford Deller. I like to have affairs with my friends husbands. I pretend to be such a good and humble person. I pretend to be a loyal and caring friend. I’ll even comfort you when when something horrible happens in your life. I’ll go as far as to send you “get well/thinking of you” cards when you are ill. Then I will turn around and have a several months long affair with your husband. I feel like since I owned up to having the affair when I got caught that it’s all good and I should be forgiven. But I guess I haven’t seen the tears fall endlessly from the eyes of the wife and children I helped destroy. I haven’t had to deal with the pain I’ve caused or held my kids while they cry because their dad and I screwed around while their mom was at home caring for them or at work busting her ass. Also because I claim there was never sex involved. Let’s face it sexually explicit pictures, videos and conversation and meeting at my gas station job to make out with a married man aren’t really that bad. Who cares? Currently looking for the next husband of a friend of mine to sink my old nasty teeth into. I just need the attention and I don’t care who I hurt to get it!

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