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The cast. || Myself: 40. Regional manager for a National food service. Business degree. Successful. Condo in an ocean side community. Lake house in the country. || Tevin: 21. Did not graduate high school. No job. No drivers license. Alcoholic and drugie. || John Burrill (home wrecker): 38. Taxi driver (removed Portland Maine) drugie. Lived at home with parents. No car. Has had one stroke. || After 3 years in a relationship with my boyfriend Tevin Lopez, he broke up with me for John Burrill. || After the break up i discovered that Tevin had been cheating on me for 6 months. And that John knew that we were in a relationship the whole time he was pursuing Tevin. || I discovered this when looking through Tevins phone one day. I saw the messages of”i want to be with you” from John. And the nude pictures sent from Tevin just hours before our romantic Valentines dinner. || Shortly after the break up Tevin returned saying he wanted to try again. To work on us. However John was adamant. He continued to text Tevin as well as send messages through social media. To which Tevin responded. || But I was in love. And I tried. I took Tevin on his dream vacation to Florida. To Boston. To Vermont. I maxed my credit cards because i thought it was worth it. Yet John would not let it go. || We fought. I fought for the love and attention that Tevin once showed and got nothing but rejection in return. Rejection, abuse and bills. || All because some loser wasn’t happy with his wife and jumped the fence into my world. || Today they live together in a weekly hotel room struggling to make ends meet. No car to go anywhere. No future to look forward to. A meaningless pathetic existence. || I believe that had Johnny-boy kept his nose out of others relationships, Tevin and I would have spent our lives together. He was my one. But thanks to his meddling ways my love is gone forever.

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