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Katia benaissa in prostitution – And the Holy Spirit said. Leah..Mary Magdalane was a prostitute involved with jesusJesus was unclean THATS why he was crucified and he submitted to the death to repentIn front of people For his perverted natureAnd the Holy host said the prostitute clients involved in your hell work leahThe ones involved in the children of god religious cult which god submitted you forrepented of their sins when theyFunded Katia benaissas prestigious high class lifeWhen god told them she molested and abused you as a child they elevated her for themselvesThey send gods money to your sisters sins because they wanted you to suffer for their sinsSo they repent of their perverted nature through Katia benaissas prostitution just like jesus submitted to Mary MagdalenTheir money unblocked hell and sickness because they rebuked hell for such a person like Katia benaissaAnd paid herAway from her karma and she is who aspired to prostitute as a child after abusing you leah unison

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