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Lynn Scribante is the victim – It’s been a real problem on these websites to actually see both sides of the story.Mark and I met online in 2001, 5 months before 911. He left for overseas Sept 20 as a contractor for a govt agency and was gone 20 months, during that time short after he left he professed his love and asked me to marry him, came home briefly and bought me a ring.It wasn’t until later in our relationship around 2010 that I found out that while he was working for CROCS in Niowat, co he was depositing his paychecks into his joint account with his ex-wife . His excuse was that he owed her money. Then in 2012 when we were traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday he told me that we needed security at the house while we were gone. only to find out when we returned that I had been robbed by those same security men he hired. He told me that he told the security guys where the good stuff was and not to worry about the costume jewelry. Mark asked me not to file a police report, that he’d get my things back. To this day, Mark is nothing but a fraud by deception, a liar and a cheater. With his attempt to save face writing the first entry, he lives in his home on Freemont, believe public record, and never trust the man to do what he says.

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