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Mark Paynter – How many chicks does this guy f*&k? The answer is all of them if he can.Total douche. This guy cheated on his wives fucks his friend’s wives and girlfriends fucks girls at his gym and is a lying a** tool. He is never faithful. If you know him keep your daughter’s wives and girlfriends away from him . He has f***** so many of his friends wives it’s a wonder he has friends. He lies to his wife about where he is. He tells her he is working when he is out at the bars in Boise Kuna and Nampa. He’s f****** his girlfriends friend too. Julie Wallinga and Jamie Rutledge are gold digging druggies who he fucks. They f*** this guy and he goes home to his wife carrying their disease. This cat has a child and he acts like he is father of the year but he just uses his kid to get attention. He is a CHEATING LYING GOOD FOR NOTHING D***

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