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We had the worst experience with this monster who calls himself an attorney.He charged us huge amounts of money, officially came on board as our lawyer and then, afterwards, began verbally assaulting us and slandering us to the other side.He abuses clients and slanders them.He has no boundaries and no limits.He has no self control.He lies and lies and lies. He is the most dishonest and vicious person you’ll ever come across.Even other attorneys have documented, in court proceedings, that he has a major mental problem.Dangerous and scarey.Unprofessional and malevolent.This is the most low down, dirty, double-dealing attorney. He took our money, signed on, then refused to do any work or show up to court on our case.When we reported him to the BAR Association, he sold all of my attorney-client information to the other side.He has also threatened my family and I.He has a long criminal history of assaults, violence, and other heinous crimes.He has previously been disbarred. Check out his BAR Association bio.Other judges detest him and have banned him from their court rooms.He goes into court rooms and secretly records proceedings without informing the judges.He insults bailiffs and threatens them, too.Hiring him will guarantee that you’ll lose your case.Do NOT hire this guy–he cares nothing about the law.He breaks the law and has no respect for it–he will do the same to you.As for the other allegedly good reviews, here, they are fake and have been posted by his secretaries.This attorney is not only a criminal and a malicious man, he is also highly unstable.He is prone to blow up and commit violence at the drop of a dime.He has a pattern of suing his relatives, his neighbors, and other attorneys and even judges.Research him online and you’ll see.

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