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Nadia Peladeau – *The picture from the original post was broken so I do it again so people may know how she looks. I heard in the past that only ugly woman does what she did to raise their self-esteem but it cannot be further than the truth.Quebec, Montreal. That person has a serious attention needs problem. She don’t just cheat for fun but for the attention. She is so addicted to attention that she even go to mixed gender internal therapy center where there is overwhelming more man than woman to get attention and lies about having substance use addiction and start make man to fight against each other for more attention. She screwed many man treatment because when she get bored of the therapy she go out with a man sometime 2. Those man are probably dead right now for not completing their program and returning to their old habits. She has a Facebook and she has many many friends for the attention. She make trouble everywhere even online for attention. The only good side of her is that she made me realized that mixed gender therapy simply doesn’t work so I always refereed people with addiction issues to gender specific facilities.

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