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It started out as jokes around the office till Nikki Brandt started making more personal comments both verbally and through text. The tones of the conversations took a very sexually oriented tone and in the text messaging (sexting). At first I just thought it was joking around but as it continued, it started to become more serious. || It went on for a month before my wife caught us. I have since erased all contact with her via phone and no longer speak to her in person. I am trying to rebuild my relationship with my wife and family as because of my very poor judgment. I have hurt my wife physically during sex due to the images that have been created by the contact I had with Nikki Brandt. || I cannot apologize enough for my actions and the pain I have caused my wife and sons. It has recently been brought to our attention that while Nikki Brandt was initiating all this with me, she has been doing the same thing and worse with at least 2 other former coworkers and is under investigation for her conduct. Nikki Brandt is also currently married as well with multiple children.

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