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Nikolay Krasnov Manager – Design Resources Review

Design Resources Inc. has created one of the most realistic and elaborate phishing attempts I have seen. They provide what appear to be valid details and documents for both US and Russia, including a supposed US corporate charter. However, the State of Florida has four corporations with this name, none are active and none have the dates indicated on this supposed document. The included a Russian business license, but obviously none from Florida. They have even included a DUNS number (09-493-5616) – however this is for a North Carolina firm with the same name that filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy (file number 90-30824) – That case archived in March 2004. They claim to provide architectural design services, blacksmith services (wrought iron), construction, and even furniture. You may also receive an e-mail for employment. The personal name and contact details will likely vary, includingZuev Alexander GennadevichDirector My contact came from:Nikolay KrasnovPersonal Manager Even their website looks very convincing, but DO NOT BE FOOLED! Michael from georgiaBuford, Georgia U.S.A.

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