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Primerica Review

Don’t use Primerica for ANYTHING. This company provided a pre-qualification certificate to a buyer that presented it to me and my realtor for far more than the sale of our house. Primerica said there would be no problem with funding. They made mistake after mistake over the course of the last five weeks, until the end when everything was completed, then they disqualified the buyers stating they were not qualified afterall. Throughout the process, they wouldn’t return calls from either my realtor or the buyers and their realtor. Both realtors said they have never worked with such a screwed up company before(30 years between them). Meanwhile, we moved out of the house, rented a place,etc.Only to find out Primerica didn’t do there job.They don’t back up this pre-qual certificates.They wont even respond to inquiries. Know I am constantly hearing bad things about their mortgage program, insurance services and most scary, their investment practices.I can’t even find a contact phone number or e-mail address on their Corp. website.Folks there’s even more to this story than I have space to write in. Just don’t use them or you’ll be very sorry. Thanks and good luck KeithPalo Cedro, Colorado

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