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Primerica Financial Services Review

I had a primerica rep come to my house with a friend and talk to me about my financial condition. They made claims that they might be able to get me out of debt in 20-25 years, house and everything instead of the 30 years I have left now. He said this might save me as much as 30k in interest. The agent also said that they could potentially show me how to get double the life insurance I curently have for about the same price I’m already spending, and how to have at retirement potentially 200k more than I’m on pace for now. Well, when this big claiming agent came back it was not even close to what he orginally said. First of all the loan he showed me how to pay off everything in 12 years saving me 78k in intrest, not the 20-25 year plan with 30k interest savings he said he might be able to do. On the insurance side He should me how to get 4 times the coverage I have now for $22 a month less than I’m already spending. And with mutual funds he showed me the numbers on how to have over 600k more at retirement than I’m on pace for not 200k like he claimed. I just think when these agents make claims like this they should deliver on it. Needless to say I implemented everything the agent recomended but I’m upset because I’m now going to be the odd ball with all my friends. They are all buried in debt, savinging no money, and paying way too much for their life insurance. I’m going to stick out like a sore thumb. What am I going to tell people when I don’t have a mortgage payment in 12 years. I thought I would spend the rest of my life being broke like all my friends and Primerica totally ruined that for me. Thanks alot!!! Billspokane, Washington U.S.A.

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