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Prolific Promotions, Inc., KingCo Promotions, Inc., Chipio Windshield Repair, LLC. Review

I had the great displeasure of working for this company for a very short period of time and I was absolutely horrified by what I witnessed during my short time there. You see, I was reporting to the office of “KingCo Promotions, Inc.”, I was hired under “Prolific Promotions, Inc.” and I was independently contracted under “Chipio Windshield Repair, LLC.”, formerly known as “Apple Auto Glass”. Pretty confusing, right? I thought so. Anyway, I began my employment with this company, being completely turned off the first day on the job. I was asked to drive all the way to Decatur for my second interview, or Day of “O” (observation). The wonderful Ms. Robin Sinclaire informed me not to worry, that I would be reimbursed to gas, which is the only reason I drove all that way. I arrived to a car wash in the middle of Atlanta for this “Day of O” and before I got out of the car, I observed the people I was to interview with. However, I won’t name their names as I don’t believe that they really know what they are involved with. They were approaching cars relatively aggressively. Smiling, brown-nosing, joking, and basically agreeing with whatever the person in the car was saying. A F***ing SALES job? I thought… No way. Not me… However, I was desperate as I was just let go from another job and thought I should really give it a shot. My interviewer was a very smooth talker and knew just how to suck me in just enough that I would come to the office the next day. So I watched what they did. You approach a car and tell the customer that the car wash (or gas station) is offering a “new service” or it’s “customer appreciation day” and we’re just checking everyone’s windshields for any chips or cracks and we’re fixing them for no cost in most cases (if they are fully covered and they don’t have State Farm, usually). Of course, you always find a “serious” chip or crack because every chip or crack is “serious”. This is when you inform the customer that you are taking care of these issues today and that it won’t cost them anything at all. We just have to get your policy card, call the insurance company and file a “no-fault” claim, which doesn’t make your premiums go up and they waive your deductible. A lot of people get this done. We were “qualified” after watching someone do a repair and practicing once or twice on a dummy windshield… Exactly how “qualified” IS that???? I wasn’t even aware of this until after I left this horrible place that although it won’t make your premiums go up, it will definitely keep you from getting better rates in the future… What we were doing was scamming the insurance companies. Now, for my personal issues with this place. First off, I was told I would be reimbursed for gas. LIE. I was told that there was a base pay of $20 an hour. LIE. I was told that on top of that base pay that I would make a $20 commission off of each windshield I repaired. LIE (it was $18). I was told there were benefits after 90 days. LIE. My first paycheck was $72 short. Did I ever get that $72? NO. I was told that I would receive all the equipment necessary to perform my job. LIE. If these people are SO rich and they made SO much money doing this, why aren’t they living in nicer places? Why can’t they afford to give you so much as a logo’d shirt so you don’t look like some random person walking around in a parking lot? Why can’t they afford to give you the proper equipment for they job you’re doing to make THEM money? Plain and simple, this is a pyramid scheme at it’s best. And now that I have had to go through this ridiculous mess and am now losing my apartment and having to move back home because they lied, I am getting back as quickly and with as much evidence as I think humanly possible. I have contacted the BBB as well as the local media… So thank you to the owners and operators of these companies. Hopefully I will obtain the payback that so many people are looking for now that I have contacted those people. Hope to see you all soon… on the six o’clock news…

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