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Ramada Plaza Resorts Review

I was contacted by this company and was lead to believe that for $6.98 I would receive an informational packet on a vacation. Approximately one month later we realized that our credit card had been charged $698.00. We called Ramada Plaza Resorts in an attempt to have this charge credited back as we never agreed to any such deal. We were informed that it was non refundable and that they “had us recorded” agreeing to these terms. As I recall the representative when presenting the deal initally to me used the words “six ninety-eight”, in referring to an information packet I assumed that this was $6.98 and did agree to pay this amount for the information. We now have several vouchers for what appears to be a hassle of a vacation. On these vouchers it states that we must send in $100.00 deposit to even make the hotel reservations at which we much agree to tour some time share property in order to be refunded the deposit at all. This has been a nightmare of an experience. I now have $698.00 in some worthless paper. MuhammadTrumann, Arkansas U.S.A.

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