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Blastlogic Blastlogic rips off its customers and technicians Montreal, Quebec!!

I have an electronics repair shop were I fix videogames. Most of the work is done in-house, but some work, such as motherboard repairs, has to be outsourced to repair specialists, which is why I looked up Blastlogic in early 2018 when I needed to fix my customer’s Playstation 3 consoles. I met Dave, the owner who runs his business out of an office suite and moonlights as a bouncer. He seemed okay at first, even if a bit pushy. He told he that he doesn’t like being disturbed before 11:00AM and to not call him before that time, which I found odd since it’s publicly listed business number and he has voice mail. He fixed the consoles and everything went well for the most part, although according to him his technicians often gave him attitude, such as being easily annoyed by customer’s questions that were relayed to them. They also failed to test the consoles to see if other problems were present, and Dave didn’t always check the either, which caused me some headaches when I checked them myself before returning them to my customers and had to return some to him as callbacks. Eventually, he switched technicians and was getting better service, and less attitude, from them. He even had outsourced some of his repair jobs to me, the kind of stuff I can do myself such as laser replacements and drive repairs. He often came to my store late at night, where I often waited for him after business hours. Sometimes he would leave the items to get fixed, but often got them fixed on the spot. By his own admission, he was often in the habit of sitting on a repair job for a couple of weeks and then bringing to me at the eleventh hour to get it fixed when his customers started to complain. I did my best to accomodate him, and usually it was good enough. The trouble started with a PS3 Slim laser replacement I did for him in January 2012. It was my last unit and it put me in a bind when one of my customers needed a replacement. He said he’d settle with me later, but he kept putting it off. Then when I needed help, he let me down big time. Of course, the ongoing student protests/riots downtown didn’t help. It made travel by car or bus downtown slow at best. But he didn’t seem to make any effort to even meet me halfway. I need an XBox360 console fixed and I was willing to bring it to his office if he would wait for me as I on many occasions did for him; he wouldn’t. He even hung up on me. He claims some of his technicians stole parts from his customer’s machines. That I can believe, but in his case that’s the pot calling the kettle black. He also stole from his customers. Games would sometimes be forgotten inside the machines and he would sell them, unless the people asked him for them back. This Email I sent him in March 2018 sums it up: Hi Dave. It seems we have a failure to communicate. Since you insist on talking at me first regardless of whether I’m busy with a customer or without giving me a chance to reply properly, I’m sending you this letter instead. Please read it carefully. I’m disappointed and disgusted at your recent conduct. When I have a problem that I need to discuss with you, I expect to be listened to, not ignored. That’s very disrespectful and very unprofessional. You say you don’t have that problem with you other techies, but if everything done with them is “written in stone” beforehand as you say, why didn’t you insist on us working the same way? Why ask me to fix stuff and then say you’ll fix me up later? Because none of them would give you the benefit of the doubt and risk getting burned like what you did to me. You don’t remember the PS3 Slim repair from two months ago because you don’t want to remember. I kept reminding you so you wouldn’t forget and lo and behold, you still did. You brought me six PS3 drives to get fixed. You were supposed to bring the PSP LCD screens with them, but you forgot. Granted we all forget things, but I had reminded you earlier in the day like you had asked me to and you still forgot. You first wanted two drives fixed, then when I had done them you wanted two more done. I did them as well, even using two of my own lenses for this purpose. Not including the one that you said was dead. Then next day you said that you couldn’t make it over, saying that either I’d have to go to you (which I couldn’t do at the time) but then agreed that if I had the two remaining drives done before 6:00PM you’d drop by. I fixed them and called you before that time, but there was no reply and no voice mail. I tried reaching you the next day and 10:30AM and still nothing. I was only later that I finally reached you and you told that that you were out partying with one of your friends from out of town and that you were so pissed that I called before 11:00AM that you just ignored me the rest of the day out of spite. You even admitted that you had assumed that I had gotten my replacement screen from somebody else after not hearing from you. That was a d*ck move on your part. You said that you didn’t what your late night partying adversely affecting your business but that’s exactly what I see happening. Even my friend remarked that your phone number is a public number, not a private one. What do you do when a customer calls you early in the morning when you’re hung over, hmm? You finally came over and the retrieved the three other drives I had fixed, and getting one drive made out of the two call backs. Making a total of six. You had the temerity to then say there were seven drives and that all of your lenses worked, when at least two clearly did not. I would have given you another one of mine, but I’m out of lenses. The LCD screens all proved defective, so I had to find mine elsewhere. But it was the principle of the whole thing. You went back on your word and it put me in a difficult position with my customer, having to postpone all the time. It didn’t help that you kept blowing me off about the laser. You even ended up declining my offer to match ACCRO’s price for the PS3 Slim laser replacement as you said you weren’t really saving any money. Cheap. But then what about the XBOX360 hack? I’ve done you a few solids, helping you out when you really needed it, and when it came time to ask a favor of you, that’s what I got? Even when my driver showed up and we were set to go to your office, you still blew me off, and stopped short of calling me a liar for saying we’d get there in half an hour. When I asked if you’d wait for me, as I’ve done for you, you hung up on me. Freaking immature. No wonder you’ve gone through so many techies. You say you hate it when your associates don’t want to make money, yet look what you’re doing. They were probably (even most likely) being d*cks, but after seeing your a**hole behavior I’m starting to wonder. I can’t in good conscience refer people to you if this is the quality of service I can expect in return. That was the last straw. We’re done. You offered me a new laser from ACCRO? The ones they sell for $40.00? Real nice of you, but a little late. What about the installation work, hmm? Not to mention the repair jobs on those six drives. What do I get for them? The two lenses aren’t free, either. Sorry, but I insist of getting paid for them as well. As for the PSP and DSi, I’m still sorting through all my stuff. I will call you when I’ve found everything. You don’t believe that I’ll call you? I don’t care. I’ll call you by next week, don’t bug me until then.

It has many negative reviews online. I would highly recommend you do your research well before considering them.

There have been various reports of fraud and scams. It is definitely not a company worth your trust or money.

I have tried multiple websites and also their official channel. Yet no response or resolution.

There are a lot of mentions on the Internet regarding their founders indulging in illicit activity and consumers taking them to court.

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