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Carlo J Santucci, Avalon Realty Associates Carlo Santucci Predatory leasing, Sexual Assault, Rapist, sex offender, Slum Landlord, Avalon Realty Rolling Meadows, Illinois!!

IMPORTANT EDITORS NOTE Feb. 1, 2012: As a matter of policy and like most other websites which allow users to post complaints, Ripoff Scams generally does not investigate the accuracy of reports on our site. In addition, as explained on our site here, we also have a strict policy against removing reports. Despite these policies, we were recently contacted about the report below and we were presented with evidence showing that this report (and several other related reports) are almost certainly NOT LEGITIMATE. Specifically, based on the information provided to us it appears that some or all of the report below was copied word-for-word from another earlier report about a different person.It appears that this old report was copied, the name(s) in the report were changed, and the report was re-posted in the form you see below. Based on this information (which Ripoff Scams staff has independently confirmed), it is extremely likely that the report below is FAKE and you should not regard it as truthful or accurate. Again, as a matter of policy Ripoff Scams will not agree to remove this report, but as a matter of fairness we wanted to warn our readers about this issue. NOW TO THE REPORT THAT WAS FILED: Carlo J Santucci, Sexual Assault, Rapist, sex offender, Slum Landlord, Avalon Realty Here is their info Carlo J Santucci Home: 1938 W Roscoe Chicago IL 60657 Business: 3315 Algonquin Rd. Suite 600 Rolling Meadows IL 60008 Internet Address: http://www.avalonreal.com/about_avalon/bios/carlo_santucci.html Carlo J Santucci, employee of Avalon Realty Associates, L.L.C, is a thief, slum landlord, a sexual predator, and a rapist. In spring of 2010, I was interested in leasing a property for my business in the Chicago area. I retained Avalon Realty Associates and was referred to Carlo J Santucci. He showed me a few properties in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Not only did he lay the bait and got me into a raw deal, but when he and I were alone inside a property, he manhandled and raped me. He then threatened to kill me if I went to the authorities. Carlo J Santucci is the reason I am a traumatized poor woman today. I had just had a terrible car accident and won close to 200k in my lawsuit from the accident. Meeting Carlo J Santucci was the worst thing that ever happened to me physically and financially!!!! He knew I was interested in leasing a property in the chicago area for my business. He instead shoved me into a lease to sublease deal for a dilapidated property in Glendale Heights. I leased the property after he strong armed me telling me excitedly what a “wonderful” deal it was. He lied so much I don’t know where to begin, but for starters he told me I could turn this property into a 2-3 units and I would be able to sublease the other unit(s). Ummm WRONG!!! The landlord and city told me in no uncertain terms AFTER I leased that t’s never going to allow commercial subleasing. I felt like someone punched me in the stomach at that moment. I confronted him and he of course lied to me about telling me that. Worst of all, he manhandled me inside the property and raped me. He then threatened to kill me if I went to the authorities. And that I must also use him to buy my home in the Chicago area which I did under his threats. A year later, I was thinking of moving out of state and he told me there were NO rental companies that would help me rent out my property. Only a few hispanic guys and he didn’t know if they were trustworthy or reliable. He steered me away from becoming a real estate agent myself…(of course I would find out what he had done to me and he would lose his job!!! and probably his license!!!!) When I finally gave up on finding good renters and went to sell it…(again completely naive to his snake like ways…) he laughed at me in my face when I talked about fixing it up. he introduced me to a guy who wanted to buy it from me and did absolutely NO negotiating on my part. I had to negotiate the sale price all on my own. The guy who bought it from me was slick too and convinced me that my property wasn’t worth anymore than what I had paid for it. I think I lost over 10k the day I closed from that alone. But Carlo Santucci was yelling and screaming and threatening to sue me if he didn’t get his commission! He didn’t show up to the closing…I had to pick up my own doc stamps to bring to the closing. The guy from the city had to be called for some kind of technicality and he was alarmed at how I was just “giving my house away”. I knew it was a bad deal but I knew I I would get sued by everybody if I backed out. I came into Carlo santucci with close to 200 grand and left with 5 thousand. I threw up all night after the closing. I came to him after being raised in an abusive home and spending the last 6 years in foster care in Chicago so I had no guidance and didn’t know what I was doing. I truly didn’t know what a vicious, greedy, snake, liar, cheat, unethical, hypocritical man he was till I figured it out and spoke with other realtors later. I just thought I had come across really bad fortune. I called him and Kate Domes, his wife (who was in on it and did absolutely nothing about her husband’s greed and selfishness and unprofessional behavior) and they hung up on me. Carlo Santucci again laughed in my face when I told him the misery he caused me and how I was a poor single mom on food stamps due to his being a part of my life. I am now looking at living in a used rv in about 100-150 square feet of living space. I have no money and whereas I could have been set for life. But no, I listened to him pounce on me and tell me how much I would make with the rental, and house, bla bla bla. He had a responsibility as a man, as a father, and as a decent human being to steer me the right way that was the best for me. Instead this greedy, selfish, evil man saw a young girl who obviously didn’t know what she was doing and took her LITERALLY on the ride of her life. I have NEVER recovered from this. Not only did I break my back, have 2 surgeries with rods and a brace to repair it, lose my precious baby, but also lost virtually every penny from doing business with carlo santucci.

It has many negative reviews online. I would highly recommend you do your research well before considering them.

There have been various reports of fraud and scams. It is definitely not a company worth your trust or money.

I have tried multiple websites and also their official channel. Yet no response or resolution.

There are a lot of mentions on the Internet regarding their founders indulging in illicit activity and consumers taking them to court.

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