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Clash of Clans I’m going through a call with Apple. It seems that this game has charged me over $500 and I know another Mom who has lost $800 in the last two months. Internet!!

I or my household have not played Clash of Clans. I believe I made the mistake of downloading it. It was one of those that pop up in other messages. I never opened it. I never tried it. Before I could do anything it was gone. Didn’t think anything of it. Then I received charges on my bank account. Close to $150. Now because I went in to my email there are numous charges I am being notified of. I rush to my bank account. After paying bills I have not touched my account. There are close to $500 in charges, over a period of a week. there was also a simerlar charge on another of my cards. The Blue Walmart card. So I do not know if it was my info hacked through the game or what. There is also another Mom who was hacked the same way, on her Blue card but for some $800 through the last two months. We went to Best Buy when we got a virus in our laptop. The minute we mentioned ITunes the GEEK told of his wife getting viruses through them and how a lot of his business is because of ITunes. i am a single Mom on disability. This was the first month we were ahead on bills. I pay all my bills online. All my info is on this iPad. I will be talking with Itunes today.

It has many negative reviews online. I would highly recommend you do your research well before considering them.

There have been various reports of fraud and scams. It is definitely not a company worth your trust or money.

I have tried multiple websites and also their official channel. Yet no response or resolution.

There are a lot of mentions on the Internet regarding their founders indulging in illicit activity and consumers taking them to court.

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