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Hi all, May I introduce ‘Gail Gaglar’. ‘Match’ profile name of edhonesey. He has been laying the groundwork for a dating scam. How do I know this you may ask…. Well,,, he was emailing someone I know, told that person they were the only one ‘Gail’ is in correspondence with. That person asked me to contact ‘Gail’ to see if he was legit… Guess what??? He’s not. We decided to set him up to expose him. So, ladies and gentlemen… May I introduce Gail, scammer wanna be.He has sent me EVERY email and picture he has sent the other person. Ahh…. there has been a small lag… Guess he needed it for the script…. Has told me he was at his home in Edmonton, while he told this other person he had just traveled from Edmonton to London. This travel was of course for consideration for a $1M contract either in China or Nigeria…. He preferred Nigeria because they speak English there… Yeah, right…. He then sent me the SAME email. However, this email was sent to me, as he was telling the other person the contract had been awarded, and he has traveled to Nigeria. He also sent me duplicate emails of previous ones, 3 copies of the SAME email… with the SAME 2 pictures attached… from 3, yes 3, different email providers… email addresses of: [email protected]; [email protected] and [email protected], and of course does not answer any questions. Well, he did tell me, when his ‘profile’ was no longer showing… that 1) it had expired and 2) that he took it down because he was emailing me. The yahoo account seems to be the primary one…. This is a copy and paste of his first email: Of course there are additional emails,,, they all say pretty much the same…. that he is ‘perfect’ all loving, Christian, etc…They get a little more ‘progressive’ in that he then ‘presumes’ that a ‘relationship’ is in place and how important it is to be able to lean on someone in case of a job loss, and that he intends to ‘give’ and ‘receive’ 100%, that 99.5 is not enough. Oh, also says that he can’t dance worth his soul but would take lessons for a woman who can make him feel special… (Do you hear – see the foundation he is trying to lay here….?)First EXACT email that the other person and I both received: Dear XXXXX How are you today? Thanks so much for giving me the privilege to have access to your email address for it’s the easiest means to connect with you , I am so impressed and i ‘m greatful.. I m in search of true Love and Happiness with the right Woman. I desire to shower the real Woman with lots of Love and Care.. I have traveled outside my country before on jobs and on contracts, I’m a Contract Civil Engineer to Belvalves and you can check out the company website, www.belvalves.co.uk .. I ‘m a Canadian, I have a home in Edmonton and i’m currently in my home in Edmonton ,I’m a Christian.. I love to traveling ,seeing romantic movies ,best sellers ,dancing ,going to parties , working out in a while ,i enjoy comics ,playing scrabble game ,swimming ,riding bike .. I dont smoke ,i don’t take drugs but i drink occasionally if needed .. It’s so nice to have you as a great friend,i hope and pray that we establish a long lasting relationship that will last forever… I need you to understand that it takes alot for two people willing to tangle to make a love connection, Life is about the journey not the destination, I am dependable and willing to go the extra mile for those that count on me. I want to find someone who understands me and lets me understand her. These are some of my pictures.. I want you to know that good communication matter’s alot in a relationship, I will like us to always email each other.. Cos it takes two to tango,Take good care of yourself for me and i hope to see your email soon..Gail Gaglar(Remember he was telling another person at the time I received this that he was in London)… So ‘Gail’, Good Try. Is it me… or does his match profile pic not even look like the guy in the other pics..???. Ok, not convinced yet…? Here is the latest… Dear XXXX ts a beautiful day here in London and i arrived London, Kent safetly and the flight was 10 hours 15 minutes and just got to my rented apartment here in London, i hope you still remember that my daugthers live and study here in London.. I have a coming up contract and i’m expecting a call to know if the contract will be awarded to me.. There are other people looking for this contract and i want you to pray for us about the contract because it will help us alot… Challenges and opportunities are always going to occur. You can’t stop them from happening. Hopefully for both of us, the changes in our lives are positive ones. The secret key here is having a supporting and understanding woman like yourself in my corner to help me through my ups and downs. If someone lose his or her job, it’s quite a bit easier to bounce back when i have someone who’s willing to support my choices and any new directions i might want to branch out to. If i want a career or lifestyle change, imagine the difference having someone who will carefully consider and support those changes? I hope that you will always support me no matter what happen , and i promise you that i will always be by your side… Personal time and space are essential to growing individually. Everyone needs private time to do the things they want to do. It helps refocus attention to the priorities. Sometimes you or I, may just need time to release emotions from a bad day, instead of bringing it home with me. Learning to respect and notice when I need some individual time shows that we are committed to not only in our relationship, but our long-term happiness as well… Thanks for the commited you have showed me in this relationship… I ‘m glad we always write each other, because I might not be always on the line to chat, I hope you will be the one to show me true Love and Care… how I told you before, I will always treat you like a Queen. Its my first promise to you, I want you to know if you’re looking for a razor sharp sense of humour that’s me! If you’re looking for someone who smiles and laughs a lot – that’s me! If you’re looking for someone to share good times and bad – that’s me! Someone who is loyal, honest and true – that’s me! A quiet night in…a walk along the beach… see places…do stuff…I can do that! Life is too short.. I don’t do boring… I’m also happyLove is obviously a crucial element in a successful long-term relationship, Take care and will send you more emails later…Gail GaglarOk.. and this was sent while he is telling the other person he is in Nigeria. So…. Busted Gail….

It has many negative reviews online. I would highly recommend you do your research well before considering them.

There have been various reports of fraud and scams. It is definitely not a company worth your trust or money.

I have tried multiple websites and also their official channel. Yet no response or resolution.

There are a lot of mentions on the Internet regarding their founders indulging in illicit activity and consumers taking them to court.

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