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RMF Scrubs Review

I ordered a pair of scrubs and it was taking a long time for them to send me a shipping confirmation so I contacted them. It was going to take longer than I liked, so I asked them to cancel my order and they refused to do so. I called their 800 number and the lady on the other end could barely speak English. We got disconncted 3 times and then on the final call she ended up hanging up on me. I then contacted Paypal and filed a dispute. That same day Paypal escelated the dispute to a claim. After the company found out I had filed a claim with Paypal I got several harassing emails from them stating they still were not going to cancel my order. The last one I received from them even stated that they were going to throw my scrubs in the garbage and refund me my shipping only. Paypal came through for me and refunded me my entire amount. I have never dealt with people so rude. Their customer service was terrible. I wish I had read all the bad reports about them online before ordering. Lesson learned- do not give these people any of your business.

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