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Approximately 3 weeks ago i get a call on my cell phone from Scott Richardson telling me he is representing Verizon computer protection. He explained to me this had to bew done immediately or my computer would be constricted with all kind of viruses. Again, he said i am a representative of Verizon and he asked what time I would be home so he could take care of the situation. I told him I would be home in about 30 minutes and he could call me back. He indeed called me back, and I asked him why I had not gotten anything from Verizon on this matter and Scott Richardson said Verizon had contacted him and several others to take care of the situation quickly so that my computer would not get these viruses. So, I asked what he needed to do. and Scott said he needed to get onto my computer and explained how he was going to do this. He made changes or so I think he did and then he said it would only cost me $149.00 for ever and that there would be no further charges for this service. I said I thought u worked for Verizon, so this should be free to me. Told him I did not have a $149.00 to give him, so he said $40.00 would be good and he would contact me in December for the rest. He put me on hold, paid this $40.00 through Pay-Pal. I feel like a fool, but I know I’ve been scammed and I needed to report this to BBB. The phone # 877-286-0395, Scott Richardson, I.D.#52929.Please help me to remedy this situation. Thank u.

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