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My husband and I have been married about two years and he was and still is going through a lot of problems due to PTSD from the army. I stood by his side through EVERYTHING, he had to stay in hospitals for long periods of time and I would drive hours daily to see him and be there for him. We moved from Georgia to Texas to stay with his family and so he could go to hospitals there still hours away from their house. After a couple months of him being in the hospital I got a job and tiny place to stay in the same town he was in, shortly after we found out I was pregnant and my job would be too hard on the baby so I had to quit. I moved to my parents’ house in Indiana with the understanding he’d be there in two weeks. About 4 weeks later his family said he needed more help so I moved back to Texas sleeping back on my in laws couch. || After a few months he started to get more on edge and didn’t want to get help so I went to visit my family and found out I had a high risk pregnancy and the doctors in Texas didn’t even realize it so I stayed in Indiana to see the best doctors I could and keep our baby safe. Well while I was away this homewrecker decided to make her move on my husband by”being there for him” this whore ruined my marriage! She knew he was married and had a pregnant wife and still was persistent to get with him. Yes he has an illness but I don’t think it has anything to do with this. He told me later that he was feeling lonely well how wonderful for this bitch to be right there while he was lonely. Then to top everything off while I was in labor we Skyped and come to find out he was at her house using her computer! || This girl has not only ruined a marriage but a family and now our child will never know how it is to have her parents together. She won’t know how it is to grow up with both her parents every day. Thanks to this girl we’re now going through a divorce and she’s living her life like nothing happened. She moved to Minnesota and now has her own little life going on. Well karma’s a b***h and I can’t wait for her to get what’s coming to her! She is so disgusting and ugly and honestly looks like a man. I’ve tried writing her but she won’t talk to me.

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