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Shantel Moore – This girl told me that she loved me for weeks and wanted to be with me. I was planning a life with her. She had become increasingly distant to the point where she would pretend to not notice me, or try to mock me. I thought it was due to her draining schedule. She works Mon-Fri 4am-12am the goes to school 12:30-4:00 pm. I could understand being constantly exhausted and she was always lovey through texts (but not in person).Out of the blue she got 4 days off in a row which included a school break. We (meaning I was mostly) were planning a vacation that included multiple nights in a hotel room. She invited me to stay the night because we hadn’t seen each other in a few days and she finally had a break. Her behavior couldn’t have been worse. While she was trying to show me a video an alert from popped up. While she fell asleep I opened the app and found out she had hookups planned all throughout her break, even though she had been say she wanted to spend time with me.She had been manipulative on purpose for weeks and had no intention of telling me. This was someone that I was planning a life with. She continually told me that she loved me. Apparently it was a joke.She had matches with at least 50 people and was making plans to hook up with at least a few.Beware of this person. She is based out of Renton WA. She has hurt everyone that ever gotten close to her. ‘

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