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Simple Escapes – 24 Protect Plus – Homework Plus Review

I noticed in December 2003 there were various charges debited to my checking account for $1.00 for something that I had no ideal of. On Wednesday January 7, 2004 I went to check my messages and I had a message from a company called 24Protect Plus members along with a billing statement informing me that my next bill for $134.95 will be due on January 18,2004. I immediately replied by telling them that I have not enrolled in any type of service and I wanted to be taken off of their list. An instant reply letter was sent to me indicating that due to heavy volume, it may take longer that usual for them to get back to me and messages are being answered in 5 to 7 business days. I was also given a membership and tracking number. Once, I received their reply I tried to reach them by phone and was asked a series of questions that I did not feel comfortable with answering due to the fraudulent account already assessed to my screen name. After talking to them and getting nowhere with the conversation I went to check my account on-line and notice that $134.95 had been taken out of my account putting all kinds of charges on my account. I called again and tried to get some information on what they are and I was put on hold and hung up on. I called my bank on Thursday January 8, 2003 and told them about the charges. I also called the numbers that I was given 877-500-5754 and put on hold and hung up on when I asked to speak with someone of authority. I called in the afternoon and the same thing happened. I called back in the evening and a woman by the name of Chanel answered I asked her for a physical address in order for me to send in a payment she told me that the only way that they take payments is by debit or credit cards. I told her that I didn’t have one and needed to send a payment to an address. She wanted to know for which company? I asked how many were there? She answered several. I asked if Simple Escapes and 24Protect Plus were one of the companies? She replied, Yes. The address I was given for Simple Escapes was P.O. BOX 24847 Omaha, NE 68124-0847 The address for 24Protect Plus P.O. BOX 241631 Omaha, NE 68124-0250 I have been a victim of the scam and I just want everyone to be aware of their “game”. The first debit was done by Simple Escapes,24Protect Plus and many more names work together SCAMMING and RIPPING off people. I do not have a clue to how they were able to obtain my account information, however they did mention that they only use charge accounts and AOL provide them with names!!! YvonneAkron, Ohio U.S.A.

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