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Sprint PSC Review

Greetings,I’m having trouble with these folks as well. I live in Virginia, by the way. I pay my bill in full every month!!! I’ve had no trouble. I’m a musician and I travel. I asked about roaming charges and the salesman informed me that if less than half of my minutes were roaming, there would be no charge. I haven’t roamed in almost a year. I did a bit this month. I made about 2 to 3 hours worth of roaming calls due to some family troubles while on the road. I woke up yesterday, Aug 22nd to find my phone turned off. I went into the office and they said I owed them $867.00 in roaming and long distance fees. Of which, I payed $100.00 at the automated machine before I know what the problem was. I looked up their charges for roaming and long distance roaming. $.50 a minute roaming and an additional $.25 a minute for long distance. for the 3 hours, this is only $157.50. I don’t mind paying for what I used if there was a mis-communication, but I don’t see where the inflated charge came from and as of yet, they can’t give me an detailed statement showing me where the charges come from. I haven’t had any problems up until now. I have been a good customer and they have been cool. If they stick with these charges when I KNOW I didn’t call that much, is there anything I can do, or am I pretty much screwed??? JohnVA, Virginia U.S.A.

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