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Sterling Global Call Center – Sterling Global Review

I had the occasion to work with Sterling Global Call Center on a number of projects in the past. These people misrepresent the services, employees, skills and do not follow the instructions given and honor agreements made. These misrepresentations will severely damage your reputation with or even force you to lose clients in addition to the financial impact on your company. The experience I had was that they put more people/hours in on the projects assigned. They worked hours outside the acceptable calling times and by doing so prematurely effected the usefulness of the call sample and offended potential respondents. These actions alone costs you additional funds to secure more sample and in the long run more hours are required to complete the project. Who pays for this YOU DO! They represent that they provide english-speaking interviewers. They do have a few that they will put on the phone for you to hear but most lack vocabulary, pronunciation and conversational skills. Because of this deception, sample is effected and the production and length of the project substantially increase. A cut rate is ineffective when you production costs double or triple because they are ineffective on the phone. Five dollars an hour quickly becomes more than fifteen!! They then count on not being sued because they are hiding in the Philippines After attempting to make this relationship work on both simple and complex projects, we finally ended this relationship. But what was the cost? Much, much more than the promised discount rate. How do you quantify a client that won’t work with you again? The ultimate cost I lost my position as did three others because of this fraudulent & deceptive company. NacobandlerOrem, Utah U.S.A.

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