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Superior Asset Management Inc. Review

I had a T-Mobile cellphone in 2007. After my divorce I had to use a credit card to keep up with basic living expenses and after a while my mother had to stop helping me pay my credit card bill. So as it were I couldn’t pay my T-Mobile bill either. I called them and said I could make 10 dollar payments a month till I found a job and then would pay the whole thing off and they agreed to this. They are supposed to “record” your calls for future reference but I highly doubt they did. My bill was $360.94 because of past due payments which is why I made the agreement with them. Low and behold a month later I get a bill from a credit agency telling me they had turned me in to collections. I called them and they said it was out of their hands and that I needed to contact their creditor. So I did. It was a different one back then and after they told me I was screaming at them and cursing (which I wasn’t) and that if I was a “student” in college then I was getting money somehow. Yea, from my family to pay my current bills!! Do they think all of us are MADE of money and we can just pull it off the money tree growing in our backyards? They made it sound like I was some deadbeat who just didn’t want to pay my bill when I had in fact made an agreement with T-Mobile who obviously backed out of it. After I contacted the creditor they would call me at all hours of the day and harass me. I changed my number and then I had moved and not given them my new address. Now they are sending me a NEW bill (God knows how the heck they got my new address), from Superior Asset Management, Inc. and they are saying that they will “settle” for $144.38 IF I pay it in full. Now I don’t want to call them directly because I’m not to fond of changing my number every time idiots want to harass me for money I can’t pay and frankly since T-Mobile backed out of our agreement I semi feel like I don’t owe them a d**n thing. I was trying to find an email address I could write to them and complain, but I can’t find anything but a phone number which I know if I call they will be able to track my number. Any suggestions? What do I do? More like what CAN I do? I’m tired of these idiots bothering me and I have pretty good credit even with no job right now. I don’t need them ruining it for me.

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