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I found out this homewrecker was calling my husband a while back. The phone rang and he kept ignoring it. Upon asking he told me that this girl got his number off his comcheck and called him when he left the truck stop asking if he were interested in talking and being friends. She told him that she was in need of just a friend to talk to. He told her that he was uncomfortable with what she did and did not wish to speak to her. || A few months later she was still calling. I got ahold of her number and called with no answer. Later I found out that my husband was talking to her and they were just friends, so he said. Then I noticed how money was coming in short and then found out that she was laying the biggest sad stories she could come up with on him and he was believing her and sending her money. I think we’ve paid for her oldest daughter to go to summer camp, a cellphone, and for all I know maybe a new car. I finally had all I could take and called her! She of course denied everything. She called me and my husband a liar and threatened to call the law on us if we ever contacted her again. I was happy with that and thought it would stop! I thought wrong!! After a week she was contacting him again with the sad stories! || I later filed for a divorce because he began telling me that I never listened to him the way she did!! After 12 years of marriage I couldn’t believe that he chose someone that lived miles away. Now she has surely moved onto someone new and he is miserable alone. I hope she is happy and for the fools, don’t give up what you have at home for some trifling whore at a truck stop because she talks nice! She is A HOMEWRECKER!

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