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T-Mobile Review

I am typing this as I wait for a supervisor (54 minutes & 29 seconds and counting) for the third attempt to resolve a billing dispute. I like loyalty, so I stayed with T-Mobile for 7 years. However as a single mom for one full line (talk, text and web) and one basic line for my daughter I was paying close to $180.00 per month. In today’s competitive market there is absolutely no reason for it. I requested to keep my mobile number as I moved to Sprint (after trying to get a reasonable “loyalty” plan with T-Mobile, unsuccesfully of course). The porting took longer than usual, and it threw me into 2 days of service after the billing cycle. So they politely sent me a final bill for $170.85 for services rendered for the whole month. Even though I have been out of a contract for the last two years or so there is a “port out cost” which is the equivalent of a month of service. WHAT SERVICE??? The supervisor will not pro-rate and when I asked for the escalations department or a corporate number, his best suggestion is that I mail a letter to some PO Box in Albuquerque NM and wait for someone to contact me in 10 days. My favorite part was the professionalism in his voice when he said “no worries” REALLY??? How old are you? Still furious…

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