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I refilled my T-Mobile prepaid account for $100.00 and according to the website I was supposed to receive 15% more minutes. I didn’t. The rep who was taking the refill call could not explain so she transered me. I got some guy on the line who sounded drunk, said his name was Johnny 13273115. He wasn’t making any sense I asked number of times for a supervisor, he was arguing with me and wouldn’t put a supervisor on. I hung up, called again, got another guy. This one was trying to be nice but admitted that he wasn’t good at math. At least he was honest and told me that he had to go by what the system told him and according to the system everything was cool with my minutes. T-Mobile sucks, I am pissed off cause I just extended my contract on my other phone with them for two years yesterday! Here’s a link to the website where it mentiones 15%:http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/plans/Cell-Phone-Plans.aspx?catgroup=prepaid-cell-phone-plan It does not mention anything that it’s on future refills (I thought that hey, maybe it’s on future refills). NO WHERE DO THEY MENTION, that 1000 minutes includes 15% extra minutes. The second guy (the nice one) told me that no, even on future refills I’d be getting same 1000 minutes not 1000 + 150 (for the 15% more). He said that according to the computer for $50 you get 400 minutes so for $100 you should get 800 minutes but because of the 15% this jumps to 1000 minutes. I’m not an idiot and I can calculate in my head faster then people with calculators and right away I knew that the math didn’t add up. I told him that 800 + 15% is 920, not a 1000. The website advertises standard refills, not refills with 15% extra. So 1000 + 15% is 1150. He took a moment and told me that yeah, I make sense and he personally thinks that I’m right but he couldn’t do anything about it. I got nothing against the guy, he’s doing what he’s told, I work for customer service and I know how it is, but my company does everything to keep the customer, T-Mobile………. sucks. I’m not the only person reporting this, if you search YScam.com you’ll find more people complaining about this. RogerChicago, Illinois U.S.A.

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