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Tmobile Review

I bought a phone via online tmobile. The phone included a 50.00 rebate card. I sent in the required information, label, phone info within the time frame. I contacted tmobile to find out the status , a week latter they replied via email and said my rebate was denied because the required info was missing and or torn. I made copies of everything I sent to them and the label is securely attached to the packaging nothing was missing. I replied back that I wanted proof the info was torn/missing, because I had soies of what I sent and if the rebate was not fulflled I would be contacting The Consumer Fraud Agency, BBB, and Attorney General. I also requested the rebate be applied to my account wich I would gladly pay when the rebate fufilled. I recieved email back from Young AMerica saying sorry for the inconvienence and the information was being resubmitted. Now they sent me another email with another excuse for denying my rebate. My account is past due now. THIS IS B.S. My account is past due as of 2 weeks ago, I have been fighting for this rebate since march and there was no problem with my account, I replied back no where does it state that your account cannot be past due after you submit rebate information. I spoke with Tmobile Billing in regards to my account and the rebate not one time was anything mentioned about rebates being denied if account past due. Its just another excuse not to follow through on fufilling rebate offers. They have a F according to BBB due to all the complaints. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH we need to do something about this. Pepperseattle, Washington U.S.A.

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