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I was contacted by a woman named Samatha Mason in Sept. of 2007 regarding office supplies. I was told that they were moving their company to Arkansas and needed to sell some of their supplies since it was easier than shipping everything across the country. She gave me great prices for post it notes, binder clips, pens, dry earse markers and highliters. I told her I needed to make sure it was ok with my supervisor and that I would get back to her. She then called 3 times before I called her back and placed a small order. A few days later I received 3 boxes of stuff; most of which I did not order. It took almost a week for a return call from someone named James Martin and was told that they would send shipping labels to us so we could return the unwanted product. I did that and shortly after received an invoice for almost $4000.00. The correct invoice amount should have been $331.62. I called immediately and was told that I must have misunderstood Samantha and that I was being billed for each individual item instead of for each dozen. I told them that I have my notes and that I will not be paying the entire invoice; I told them I would pay for what we have but they won’t accept that; they want the entire $4000.00. I have tried to talk to someone there but all I get is an answering machine and no one calls me back. I have called 13 times since Sept. of 2007 and I have yet to receive a call back. Then, just yesterday, a fax was sent to our office from them and it was addressed to the accounts payable person instead of me. I remember someone calling earlier in the week and asking who was the accounts payable manager and of course I gave them the name. They thought they would bypass me and have the bill paid. Unfortuately for them, we have a safeguard in place for just such a thing and request for payment was denied. I have called many times to tell them I would be happy to pay for the items I received, but they have yet to call me back. I hope no one else falls for this scam. A. macpheeTempe, Arizona U.S.A.

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