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USABD Internet Solutions Review

I supposedly agreed to a free trial of these services and was then billed for 3 months (as I stupidly didn’t notice) on my AT&T bill for $49.95 monthly. I called and spoke to Nick at their office. He said that he would email me a recording of my agreement to the free trial within 3 days. I never received it. I wouldn’t have agreed to this service as I am a web designer. I can and have designed my own web site. I have plenty of business and haven’t had to advertise in 6 years. He also said that I was mailed a letter in regard to the service but he had an incorrect address listed. He stated that they had called me to confirm that the service was in place. I never received a phone call from them. I asked for a credit to my account as they never contacted me. I have yet to hear back. I am currently on hold with AT&T to see if anything can be done on their end. I’m not holding my breath. Houston computerVan Nuys, California U.S.A.

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