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Verizon Superpages Review

I belong to Superpages.com since 1996. It was a free business listing. I never updated it forgot all about it. I got very sick, disabled and couldn’t keep up with the business anymore. I was contacted early this year while I was just diagnosed with progressive disease and under treatment. The sales person lead me to believe this was a trial upgrade. I told them I didn’t want to upgrade, I couldn’t do any business. They went on and on and I really was feeling bad and don’t recall much of it. I didn’t realize I was giving authorization for 12 months. I was to believe it was a month to month offer. They also have my old address from 12 years ago. Ask me to verify it, which I must have just to get them off my back. They said they would send the rest of the papers, the contract, explaining the service. The couldn’t send anything there. I never receive a bill or written contact explaining anything. I did receive I think a phone message about the mail address not working and they needed at updated one. I just forgot about it. Why would they bill someone at a business address that was bouncing back. I got contacted today by collections about this account which I don’t even remember. What business would continue to run an advertisement for a business that didn’t exist. All I been getting from them running of their ad is spam. I was wondering why that email address was receiving so much of it. I call Superpages.com and they said they had my authorization on the phone. I told her I was very sick and didn’t even know what I said at that time. I asked her where she got a 12 year old address. She said from me over the phone. And I told her no you didn’t. I know it was from a free listing that started 12 years ago. She said I could cancel by fax so the wouldn’t auto-renew my account which ends in March. I told her to terminate it now. She said all they could do is cancel before it renews again. I will send my fax tomorrow. I will dispute this claim as I never received a written contract. As far as I remember, I just hung up on them. Bunni for truthSpartanburg, South Carolina U.S.A.

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