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Verizon Wireless Review

I had my contract with this company since april, and my bills have always hovered around 100 dollars for two phones sharing the “800 minutes” plan. I have had no problems with them until august. I called a few times asking to make sure I had “free mob-2-mob” and the reps all said “yes you do” and “have fun talking to your friends” Come August when I started using my phone more, calling other verizon wireless callers, I got a 1000 dollar phone bill. They told me that I only had “mob-2-mob” on my family plan. and they would “take care of it through re-work” I agreed, and a few days later and no response, I called again, got a different rep, and the different rep had something totally different to say. Every rep I talked to either didnt know or had something else to say and a different number of decuction of bill. After fighting this bill for three months, I just got it dropped by demanding speaking to a supervisor who can do adjustments to my bill. This supervisor dropped the bill in an hour. Why did this take three months to go down, is beyond me. This whole mobile to moble thing is rediculous, watch your bill! I refused to pay a 1000 dollar bill and now, it was reduced to 388.40 after months of fighting and arguement. I’m just wondering out of curiousity, how many others this has happened to as well. I am debating switching to nextel…. Jamieworcester, Massachusetts U.S.A.

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